About WMRC

World Motor Racing Club WMRC has been developed by C.S.M. International, one of the most prestigious and experienced consulting agencies involved in motorsports events and marketing research on behalf of many motorcycle and car manufacturers.

Working for more than 30 years in particular in the motorcycle business and World Championships of the pros, C.S.M. developed the WMRC App for amatorial, but passionate motorcycle riders and car drivers who want to measure the capabilities of themselves and their motorbikes/cars both on and outside the racing track as well as to compete with their friends and other motorsports enthusiasts around the world.

Join WMRC, race against the World or just test yourself and your bike or car!

Race Mode & Best Lap Championship  More information

Best Lap is the top product of WMRC. Best Lap is WMRC’s World Championship in which all WMRC App users can compare their performance in different tracks around the world –- at the same time.

A cash prize of 250 euros is offered for the Best Lap in each class (Bike and Car) for the 2015 season.

WMRC will compare your best lap times with the superlap times, which are the track records made by the World Champs in the official motorcycle / car World and International Championships (MotoGP and Superbike / F1 and DTM).

You will be able to challenge your friends and WMRC members whilst racing on different tracks around the world as well as race against the times of the legendary World Champions

Acceleration Mode

The WMRC App will let you measure the time and the distance of your acceleration.

There is also the opportunity to participate in an international acceleration competition which is also divided by category of vehicle owned.

Free Ride Mode

The Free Ride mode will give you clear and easy way information about top speed, average speed, trip meter and distance to target.

Accuracy of GPS data and lap times

WMRC gives you professional lap timing on your regular phone, at a fraction of the cost of specialised lap timing equipment. The technology we have developed for WMRC uses advanced estimation and prediction techniques to deliver accurate timing to less than 1 second. However, the times recorded by WMRC are highly dependent on the GPS sensor in your phone and the actual conditions for receiving the GPS signal. The GPS sensors in most phones have the maximum accuracy of 5-10 meters in ideal conditions and they report their location at a frequency of once per second (1Hz). The methods used for accurately recording times are as follows:

It is important to emphasise that the estimation techniques developed for WMRC are not 100% accurate -- they are an estimate of the actual time or speed -- and hence you will occasionally encounter incorrect results. However, we recommend you to make multiple laps/runs to increase confidence in your times.



You will be able to try the basic features: